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REMOTE SERVICE protects from production losses worldwide

Apr 6, 2021 | Blog

Remote service solutions and remote collaboration tools such as POINTR from Delta Cygni Labs, ensure the continuity of the manufacturing process worldwide. Digital remote maintenance brings innovative possibilities, providing great opportunities for German engineering. This is true, not only in the competitive markets of emerging countries, but also wherever the training of workers requires the support of skilled technicians and specialist expertise.

The German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK), located in both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, can boast more than a one-hundred-year history. It is just one example confirming that German engineers have traditionally operated globally. German machines are utilized all over the world and Latin America is no exception. German engineering and machine manufacturing, a backbone of its domestic industry, can be found operating all over the world.

However, machines and facilities that are used for such production, also require global service arrangements. Providing such service for worldwide production poses a major challenge for small and medium-sized companies, in particular those that may not always have the resources to guarantee a continuous and consistent level of service. Yet, this guarantee has become an indispensable selling point due to increasingly intense competition. Remote service helps to deal with this challenge and enables such companies to provide immediate help in the event of production losses worldwide.

With remote service solutions, it does not matter where the machine is located. Whether that be in nearby Luxembourg or in a country 9,500 km away like Brazil. With remote service solutions, engineering companies can assist their customers everywhere and at any time.

POINTR from Delta Cygni Labs, can be installed on desktop computers or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones – completely hassle-free. It can be installed immediately, as soon as the malfunction is reported.

Many failures can be fixed by the employees on site. But what can be done when specific know-how is required? What should be done when the employee in Brazil is standing in front of the machinery and every single minute of downtime is costing money? If they realize that they cannot solve the issue themself, they contact the machine manufacturer’s service centre by phone or e-mail. See how the process works.

In order to deal with more complicated problems that cannot be fixed on site, it is crucial that the service technician in Upper Bavaria is provided with a detailed insight – which ideally they can see – into where the exactly the problem lies within this system. This is especially important if the problem happens to be located in a building, somewhere at the end of a remote and muddy dirt road, south of Manaus. Language barriers and feedback loops may delay the process further and make it even more difficult.

Remote Collaboration enables remote service on a global scale in real time

Remote collaboration enables experts in Germany to work directly with the technician on site in real time.  The service in Germany simply has to ask the technician on site to install the free version of the POINTR app. The remote servicing app is available for Android and iOS devices.

With the help of the POINTR app as well as a secure connection, the expert from Germany can directly make contact with the technician in Brazil. Here, POINTR can be used with any network connection, ranging from 4G to satellite. Additional solutions are available for connections at sea.

With the technician on site using the app, the remote expert can see exactly what the technician sees. The innovative software of the POINTR app guarantees that the picture is always synchronized at both ends of the call to ensure that every individual involved is operating with the same view. This enables the service technician to work in a much more targeted way, which enables them to locate the problem much faster. Furthermore, they are provided with numerous features that overcomes the Portuguese-English-German language barrier.

Thanks to the interactive elements of the POINTR app, the remote service expert can give precise instructions as to which part of the machine the customer’s service technician needs to inspect more closely. Here, the expert can observe on the screen what the technician sees, allowing them to determine exactly which fault has led to the failure, as they can now literally see where the problem is located. Throughout the next step, the expert can act as a virtual assistant and guide the technician.

For example, the service expert can draw an arrow at the exact spot on the screen where the loose cable in Brazil needs to be plugged in again. Furthermore, the expert can provide instructions in writing via the app to guide the technician step by step through the required process. In addition, augmented reality features offer the possibility of displaying additional computerized content.

Group calls can be utilized to involve several participants simultaneously, in order to find a remote service solution to a problem as a team.

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